Caged Bird Parody: A Soldier

A Soldier

By: Lucas

A welcome man stands

in front of his loved ones

as they embrace him in their arms

as their tears stain his medals.


But a man that hides

behind the shallow rubble

holds his arms tightly.

In the dust storms of war

his uniform torn and murky

with blood of his friends and enemies.

His feet tired and his boots worn

For he only knows how to follow.


The soldier walks with his brothers

their backs tired from weights

but not from the weights of medals.

A man falls without a sound

Landing on a bed of sand

As he rests foreign sand dry his tears.


A hero lays on his warm bed

As his mind drifts to the horrors of war

He tosses and turns in his bed

He awakes in the dark fearful of his past


A veteran sits on a sidewalk

laying his head on his uniform

As he softly cries

His tears are amongst the millions caught in the rain.

Bitterness Poem

A little poem I wrote for english class. I hope you enjoy! 🙂

An Elephants Cry

By: Lucas


A silver bullet is pulled from a leather pocket

And placed in the chamber of a rifle

The brass trigger is pulled

A cry of an elephant rings out


A man donates to a cause

A jeep searches the savanna

A poacher is arrested

The cry of an elephant rings true


Protesters stand along a street

Holding signs sharing their cause

They march towards for a cause

The cry of elephants rings out


In a house of congress

Legislators discuss an issue

A vote is cast, a negative result

The cry of an elephant rings louder


In the near future

A family visits the zoo

They view many different animals

But the cry of an elephant is never heard

Favorites: Vulfpeck

My new favorite band right now is a simplistic funk bass group from Ann Arbor that goes by the name Vulfpeck. As a jazz and rock taught piano player, I really enjoyed their simplistic and improvised songs and performances. I hope you guys enjoy!

What is your favorite band? What do you like about them most?

Earth Hour 2015

Earth hour is a global even backed my many important companies such as WWF and others support the event to turn off all lights for one hour. They have a global effort to conserve energy and save the planet from global warming.

Keys SBC Activity 3

Under lock and key Rachel via Compfight


Keys are a lot like friends

Some fit each other better than others

When one is lost, it is very hard to find another that will fit their place as well as the previous.

Some can fit in with multiple others

Some find it hard to fit in with anyone

Sometimes, they can be cheated for personal gain

But above all else, they make you feel safe and secure.


Here is a small writing that I thought that you all would enjoy.



The rhythm of metal stairs against my worn shoes reminded me of drum sticks against brass cymbals. The lock clicked into place as my apartment door swung open, sending small piles of dust scampering across my old, wooden floor. I tossed my backpack onto the coffee table and glided onto my messy, unkempt bed. I fiddled around in my pockets before finding my phone and tangled headphones. I lay back in my bed, eyes closed as the blue screen flickers to my favorite song. Spectrums of colors morph and change in front of my eyes. Wet splashes of color twist and twirl as they collide and dance. The loud drums pulsing in a bright red as a soft improvised piano swirls and twists slowly in a light, faded blue. It was magnificent. When the song finally stopped, I lay still, with a small smile creeping on my face, as the silence overtook the room and my vision faded to black, bringing me back to my dusty apartment.


Noggin Final Critical Review

During Noggin, I felt that it was very had to take any sort of note for many reasons. I personally enjoyed few aspects of Noggin that I felt that Whaley’s writing expressed excellently. Quotes such as “When I opened my eyes, I saw that everyone in the room had the same expression, one of those sad-but-happy ones…)” made me feel connected to the character and describes the scene extremely well. I enjoyed Whaley’s ability to describe a scene well without getting too into every exact detail in the room, which many other writers will tend to do.

Whaley’s use of temporal storytelling; jumping to the past to describe Travis’ depressing times before his death, felt extremely emotional and realistic. Descriptions of his past life have the balance of emotional, depressing descriptions with realistic, satisfying reactions and events with his close family and friends.

Now on to the negatives. First off, I felt almost tricked by the backcover of this book and how the story actually turned out to be. The back cover reads: “Five years later, it was reattached to some other guy’s body, and well, here he is. Despite all logic, he’s still 16 and everything and everyone around him has changed. That includes his bedroom, his parents, his best friend, and his girlfriend.”  I was intrigued by this and hoped for a possible philosophical tone to the what is consciousness? question. As I read through, the “you only live twice” line lost its uniqueness. Travis could have been in a coma for 5 years and most of the story would have been the same, besides the whole popularity side of it.

As a character, Travis is hard to relate to and feels annoying and stuck in his way. If he was, maybe, 13-14, I would respect his adolescent, quick decisions and stubbornness around his girlfriend. But him being almost 17, I think I would expect a more logical and mature character to be following throughout the story. You could say that “he is still in love with Cate” or that “his heart doesn’t realize how things have changed” but all of those excuses only make sense of he was younger; and hence, more reflexive and emotional. I feel I could have related to Travis more if he was more logical, mature and imprintable to the reader.

If the book had possibly introduced more of the “new future” or used a different, (possibly more interesting) character, I would appreciate the story and its writers choices much more. To sum things up, the first few chapters tricked me into thinking Noggin was a temporal, philosophical realistic sci fi but what i really got was a depressing teen romance.

Noggin February 10th, Family and Struggles

“When I opened my eyes, which were fairly wet, I saw that everyone in the room had the same expression, one of those sad-but-happy ones that you see when there’s a good memory or joke shared in a eulogy or when your grandparents talk about their childhoods.”

This sentence for me had a lot of power behind it in the story. It was the first time that Travis has been with his family since his resurrection and it was a very realistic representation of how a large family might react. This sentence really brought me into the scene, imagining how everyone at the table looked.

The sentence conveys a strong family bond for me. The “same expression” on everyone else’s face made me think of how strong and similar his family is and how empathetic and happy they all are for him. The “sad-but-happy” look made me think of all of the struggles and sadness his family had to go through without him.

This sentence basically conveys the entire basis of the story so far. It is the simultaneous feelings of overbearing joy for his merciless with the sadness of  the suffering of his loss.